Mighty Jet Power Washer for your Garden Hose - Power Cleans as it Sprays

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Now your garden hose can pack an impressive punch with the Mighty Jet Power Washer. This innovative jet washer attachment uses a controlled water flow to generate seriously high pressure though a choice of two nozzles. There's the jet nozzle for shifting dirt and mould, blasting weeds, cleaning vehicles, even washing second storey windows. Or switch the pressure washer to the fan spray nozzle for watering wide areas of lawn or large flowerbeds. 

Great for those stubborn, really tricky jobs like removing ingrained dirt from wood or aluminium, blasting moss and algae from driveways and restoring grimy wheel trims to a sparkling shine. Superbly engineered this high pressure washer has a triggeraction water control and non-corroding brass nozzles, it has a universal fitting for easy connection to any garden hose.  

This attachment is meant to increase the power of your garden hose and is powered by the water pressure you have already. Please do not confuse with an expensive Electric Power Washer....although you can get similar results as seen in the genuine use photos in this eBay advert