Citrus Scented Massage Oil in Glass Presentation Bottle Perfect Christmas Gift

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From Europe to Asia, a better result is achieved by combining Hand Massage techniques (date back to 3000 BC) with High Quality Essential Oils that are pure natural aroma oils distilled from plants, trees, roots and seeds.

This powerful handmade massage oil relieves sore, aching muscles and improves blood circulation when applied onto your body.

The skin on our body, like the skin on our face, needs to maintain a healthy moist smooth look. The “Invisible Skin” Organic Massage Oil can be applied as a reviving touch facial serum (on face, only 1-drop), further enhances treatment by promoting a healthy balance between the body and mind, and an immediate moisturizing feeling...

There are 9 kinds of 100% pure essential oils specifically selected for combining with the Organic Camellia Seed Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The aroma will bring you immediate relaxation. More importantly, each essential oils' properties will benefit you in the best way, including smoothing skin, and relieving stress, and muscle pain, further more, improving blood circulation when used as massage oil.  

Made in Canada from only the best ingredients, St Grape is a Premium Brand used widely in designer Salons and Spas across the world.